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Dr Steven Kaldor B.D.Sc, L.D.S

Dr Steven Kaldor B.D.Sc(Hons), L.D.S is a highly
experienced cosmetic Dental Surgeon who branched
into Facial Aesthetics 6 years ago. In addition, he
is actively involved in the teaching of Facial Aesthetics
in the UK and abroad and is the first Dentist in the
UK to be appointed to the examining board as a Validator
and Examiner for the recently launched
Vistabel(cosmetically licenced Botox).

Dr Kaldor is committed to the provision of high quality education to the Dental, Medical and Nursing professions in the field of Facial Aesthetics. He conducts regular courses providing tuition and mentoring in the field of Botulinum toxin,Dermal Fillers and Local Anaesthesia.

You will find Dr Kaldor to be very caring and honest, keen to please and available at all times for
you to contact him. You will only be treated by Dr Kaldor, thereby offering continuous care, with each treatment tailored to your needs and budget. As a result of this bespoke service, Dr Kaldor has been rewarded with an extremely loyal client base and finds that most of his new clients come from word of mouth recommendation